Features of our systems

All our solutions achieve unprecedented energy efficiency reducing consumption by more than 90% compared to conventional thermal pasteurization. This drastic decrease is achieved when replacing your old processing equipment from the heating and cooling era with equipment from the modern UV-light era. Furthermore, our systems allow for a drastic decrease in the surrounding infrastructure required by conventional pasteurization systems as the product only needs to pass through one system and as no steam or water is required.

All our equipment is delivered as a plug and play solution that is scalable to fit your capacity needs. All our solutions are customized to meet your needs and industry specifications.

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For highly opaque liquids with low UV-transmittance that requires our light filter technology.

CPS P1010100


The Low Transparency UV- system, is based on the same principles as the CPS, however without applying the light filter technology.

LTUV P1010003


Does this pique your interest? If so, we can now offer to do an onsite test at your facility with our pilot scale unit and let you test any assortment of liquids. This way you will be able to see the performance of our systems on your product. You will then also be able to do inhouse tests and see the results for yourself.

The CPS System


In the CPS system we use our specially designed light filters. These light filters make it possible to eliminate any unnecessary wavelengths, thereby only allowing the desired ones to pass through, making it possible to treat bacteria and spores in liquids that are sensitive to light such as milk, plant based drinks and wine.

The modular design makes the CPS suited for:

  • Both large- and small-scale production
  • Locations where space is an issue
  • Places that have poor or no additional surrounding infrastructure
  • Productions where a simple plug and play solution, which only requires electricity and product input and output is necessary
  • Our Cold Pasteurization System, CPS, is a modular non-thermal pasteurization system that is developed to treat any product, it is especially gentle and will therefore do no harm to even the most light sensitive products. The CPS has been developed with the purpose of replacing conventional thermal pasteurization by applying UV-light to process liquids simply and energy efficiently. With the CPS it is possible to treat any non-see through liquid, e.g. milk. Our specialized targeted light filters ensure that only the unwanted microorganisms are inactivated, when the liquid pass through the system, meaning that your product gets the gentlest treatment possible. This non-thermal UV-treatment assures that proteins and vitamins are being preserved.

    Liquids that can be treated with the CPS:

    Mediums that can be treated with the LTUV:

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    The LTUV System


    The Low Transparency UV- system is based on the same principles as the CPS, however with the goal to treat low transparency liquids that are not light-sensitive. 
    • Fully scalable 
    • Easy to implement and operate 
    • Minimal external infrastructure needed

    The LTUV has the potential to inactivate bacteria and spores through an extremely gentle process. It can be used for treating even the most opaque liquids and thereby make for a safe and gentle method to enhance your product quality and lower the energy use.

    Showcasing the product

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