About Lyras

The origin and development

Lyras is a Danish company located in Northern Jutland and founded in 2017 based on 3 previous years of rigorous research and development. Lyras was established based on the desire to prove that sustainable pasteurization is possible. Pasteurizing milk with UV-light had never been done before, simply because the non-see through liquid is impossible to shine a light through and for this reason milk became the main focus area of our research.

The development of our Cold Pasteurization technology is built on evidence-based research and extensive consultation with a range of stakeholders – dairy and juice industry, academia, public health experts and specialists.

With our patented technology we can now treat most liquid products – independent of transparency and product type.

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Setting new standards for quality and sustainability within the industry of liquid productions. 


Bringing innovative UV-treatment solutions to the beverage industries of the world.


Sustainability: Sustainability is the core feature of our systems and what leads the way for our technological development. We strive to make a positive change for the environment through our systems.  

Innovation: We are driven by the desire to improve our world by being innovative and finding new solutions to global challenges. For this reason, being innovative is essential for both our working environment, our development, and our final product. 

Responsibility:  We take responsibility for the well-being of our employees and for the quality of our products. We always see our projects through and take responsibility for our costumer’s satisfaction. 

Responsible sustainable innovation

It is important for us to stress that we believe that innovation is the fastest way to solve the world’s climate crisis, therefore we are committed to producing the most sustainable products on the market in both a socially responsible and energy efficient manner.

Employing our solutions to productions all over the world we would be able to both take part in reducing the worlds collected carbon footprint drastically as well as heightening food safety drastically in many parts of the world. This is what we are working towards.

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